Songsmithing #1 & #2

I’d like to do a new blog post after each recording session for Titled. Since we’ve done exactly two recording sessions thus far, both will be discussed here. In these kind of posts, you’re going to get some details as best as I remember them from the sessions, as well as some title leaks. This […]

Success & What I’ve Learned

Success I haven’t been doing a great job of keeping this thing quite as updated as I originally planned. So I’m going to break what I have to say up into two posts. One about SUCCESS and one about the current state of SONGSMITHING. Here’s the skinny: For one, we totally got funded. Yes, yes, […]

Budget Breakdown!

I’m a big fan of advertising. Not the sales aspect, mind you. It’s more the psychology, the art, and the use of language that does it for me. I find myself asking, “What was the objective of the ad? DId it succeed? What aspect of my humanity are they trying to appeal to? What image […]

Twenty-five Percent!

Wow. So, we launched in the late afternoon on October 24, and not 48 hours in, we’ve hit $540–more than 25% of our goal! The top tier is completely sold out! Woo hoo! Now, granted, some of that can be attributed to a few folks–friends and family–that we had standing by ready to pull the […]

Titled Blog, Activate!

This is where the members of Sam Cooper & the Sleepwalkers will document the creation of the concept album, Titled. Our experiences regarding managing the Kickstarter campaign, our recording progress, and the inane details of each track (for those who care about things like which guitar/amp/pedal/keyboard was used) will be found here. Late last night, […]