Backers & Haikus

Shannon Bailey

egrets are angry
could be the new tax on all
egrets but who knows

Rahul Xavier Singh

damnation of coins
except the lonely dime on
the sill under me

Matt Hocking

“The Ballad of Zombie Bill”

sling it sally and
she did and now I’m slung ’round
her shoulder done dead

Kevin Perkins

“My Boring Zombie Apocalypse”

dragons draggin’ dregs
drip drizzled drinks drastically,
dreaming dry droll dreams

Taylor Middleton

“(heretofore unnamed)”

the collective noun
for hummingbirds should be bliss:
bliss of hummingbirds

Nathan Filizzi

“Dalek vs. Banjo”

a blanket made of
sheets is still called a blanket
despite all the sheets

Napalm Nick: The Party Ambassador

“I Paid Cash Dollars For This Song”

yetis catch bees and
keep them longer than humans
hold lava castles

Barry “Huey” Hesson

“Makeshift Jesus”

Smickens the butler
cared for apples a great deal
less than applesauce

Alex Hedstrom

“A Ghost Beyond Golden Hill”

Paraguay is the
sort of place one takes lovers
but never chances

Seto Konowa

“A Joyful Dash!”

hands complete the ends
of arms in a wriggly sort
of childlessness


mako sharks listen
to classic rock almost till
their gills bleed rhythm

Nathan Rosen

“Please Don’t Kick Me Where The Sun Don’t Shine”

Jeremy Mittles
bought a pile of liquid;
never discussed it.

Ashley DiAna Lucas
(in honor of Jeffrey P. Lucas)

“Wanna Go Back To My Place and Watch Transformers?”

date night DVDs
of cartoon cars in robot
wars disguise nothing

Kevin Ian Common

dental products go
missing around perfectly
teethed leprechauns

Ben Sanders

“Spapkatosh (Hundreds of Toddlers)”

game shows would be shows about
games not games themselves

Andy “iamfivebears” Kotch

puzzles make termites
mad because they are not good
at puzzles at all

Heather Ratcliff

“Where’s Your Pineapple?”

kinky pineapples
have fetish fetishes but
never copulate

The Girlfriend

“Adventure Tyme”

haven mavens been
savin’ wavin’ ravens for
ravin’ Cliff Clavin.

Victor Acord

binge dunkers mete out
dunking sauce judiciously
among the druids


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