Budget Breakdown!

I’m a big fan of advertising. Not the sales aspect, mind you. It’s more the psychology, the art, and the use of language that does it for me. I find myself asking, “What was the objective of the ad? DId it succeed? What aspect of my humanity are they trying to appeal to? What image are they selling?

And when I peruse Kickstarter pages, as I often do, I ask myself the same questions. But I find myself asking another question:

“What exactly is the money going toward?”

Sometimes the descriptions are great and the video is shiny, but I find that the explanation of what the funds are going to be used for are lacking.

To that end, we want to be as transparent as possible when it comes to what the $2,000 is going to be spent on.

Here we go:

Mastering, sleeve stickers, packaging, vinyl cutting: $ 1645.00 plus tax which has yet to be specified. 

Kickstarter and Amazon fees: $200 (estimation, but this is the max they’d charge)

Shipping costs and shipping materials: $290.00. (estimated)

Advertising on Facebook: $50.00

Reel of 1/4″ tape: $20.00

Total: $2205.00

This is just an estimation, and we’ll have a simplified, exact breakdown as one of the pages off the homepage when all is said and done.


Michael S.


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