Twenty-five Percent!

Wow. So, we launched in the late afternoon on October 24, and not 48 hours in, we’ve hit $540–more than 25% of our goal! The top tier is completely sold out! Woo hoo!

Now, granted, some of that can be attributed to a few folks–friends and family–that we had standing by ready to pull the trigger, but not everyone. And our report said one guy found us through Twitter, but we’re not sure how…BUT WHO CARES!?!? 25% Top tier sold out! WOOO! 

Thank you to all those who’ve helped us so far! 

As far as promoting goes, I’ve reached out to a few radio stations/blogs, including Hometown Sounds, Brightest Young Things, Music is Art, and Metro Music Scene. Heck, Music is Art, under their contact information, said that flowers are always appreciated when submitting stuff, so I made a video of me singing a song I made up called, “Flowers Are Always Appreciated.” 

I suppose that could hurt as much as help, haha. 

No word from any of them yet, except Hometown Sounds, who’s going to give us a shout out soon. We’ll see about the other ones. I’m going to run some Facebook ads starting Tuesday once I get my paycheck in. And the next blog post will be a more detailed breakdown of the budget, because transparency. 


Michael S. 


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